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Where is Money Island New Jersey?

by Tony Novak

A Web site visitor asked me today "Where is Money Island New Jersey? It is a legitimate question since there are actually two places called Money Island NJ.

We are in Cumberland County NJ on the southwest tip of the state with the Post Office of Newport NJ 08345. We are the smallest community in rural Downe Township NJ  located on the Delaware Bay shore. The community consists of two roads, Nantuxent Drive and Bayview Avenue with an additional unpaved spur officially known as East Nantuxent but locally referred to as shell lane.

The other Money Island (not ours) is near Toms River on the Atlantic Ocean side of the state. There are also two places called "Newport NJ". The other (not ours) is a recently redeveloped multiple use community near New York City.

The duplicity causes confusion. A building materials contractor from Philadelphia recently drove a 20 ton delivery truck across the state (in heavy traffic) to Toms River before consulting with the written instructions we had provided. He was angry with the wasted time and expense but I reminded him that his office gave explicit delivery instructions with the purchase order.

We are located about 25 minute drive from Millville NJ (to the north), 25 minutes from Mauricetown (to the west) and about 25 minutes from Bridgeton (to the northwest). The main travel roads are County Route 553 to Newport, Baptist Road to Fortescue Road and then Money Island Road.

We are still waiting to be fully recognized by electronic navigation systems. As of mid 2012, most GPS system maps, including Garmin, do not recognize "Money Island" but will be able to locate "Newport NJ 08345". Google Earth scanned the western road of Money Island (Nantuxent) in 2010 but has not yet scanned the eastern road (Bayview).

For clarity, I prefer to specify the full location "Money Island NJ 08345" and emphasize the distinction whenever possible to avoid further confusion.



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