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Money Island oystermen convicted of overharvesting

July 20, 2012 - The Department of Justice announced the convictions of multiple defendants on felony charges related to fishing operations that took more oysters from the Delaware Bay than allowed. The convictions followed an early morning raid on September 9 last year at Money Island with multiple arrests and the seizures of boats involved in the crimes.

Employees of Reeves Brothers and Shellrock LLC, all of Port Norris, N.J., were convicted following a 7-week trial in Camden NJ on charges including creating false records, trafficking in illegally possessed oysters, obstructing the Food and Drug Administration's regulation of public health and safety, and conspiring to commit those crimes and obstruct justice, federal authorities said.

Also convicted were officials from Harbor House Seafood in Seaford, Del. Prosecutors say Reeves Brothers over-harvested its quota between 2004 and 2009 and Harbor House helped hide the catches. Federal authorities say the extra oysters had a value of more than $600,000.

The oyster population is dangerously depleted in the Delaware Bay with less than 1% of the population of live oysters than once grew in the bay. Besides being a food source, oysters are one of two species that filter excess nutrient runoff from the water that results in depleted oxygen and "dead zones" in a growing portion of waters. Both the state and federal government consider oyster population management to be a high priority issue.

All of the companies continue to operate at Money Island.



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